Monday, August 8, 2011

Skull Chairs, Skeleton Chairs

Plastic “Souviens toi que tu vas mourir (Remember that you will die)” skull chair from the  “Nouvelle Vague (New Wave)" collection by the French company Pool:
  2) From the Vanitas collection by Vladi Rapaport:  

3: Sensory Deprivation Skull chair by Dutch Atelier van Lieshout:

4) Noah Scalin of the wonderful skull-a-day blog created this Very Skairy Skull Chair, by cutting into an ordinary chair with a scroll saw:
  5) Scott Campbell's tattooed leather chair at Bergdorf Goodman:

  6) Skullduggery by Georgina Brett Chinnery for Bombarock:  

7) harp chair:
8) Michael Aram aluminum and stainless steel:
9) Hardwood Skeleton Chairs at Olde Goode Things in Manhatten:
10) Resin Skeleton Chair by Medieval Collectibles:


  1. Oh so many choices! But I do like Noah Scalin's chair. :0)

  2. I want all of these! Such amazing designs. I'll be sending out a link to this post on twitter...

  3. No one likes Number 5? It's my favorite. I'm thinking Noah gave us an idea to file away for when we see a chair similar to number 4 :)
    @Justine: thanks for linking!
    @Debra: Thanks for stopping by while on your blog vacation.

  4. 5 and 7 would make awesome writing chairs for me--I need to keep my back straight, so they are my faves. And number one looks like a terrace dream ;-)

  5. These are AWESOME!!!! What a neat thing to share.

  6. Love this post! It's really hard to find tasteful furniture with a skull slant!

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  8. where can i buy the Sensory Deprivation Skull chair??? i want it so badly

  9. Your affect is totally appreciative and newsy.


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