Friday, June 17, 2011

Dick Van Dyke's Halloween

Actor Dick Van Dyke activates a prop at his haunt

If you love Dick Van Dyke as much as I do, you'll love him even more when you realize he is a Halloween addict who hosts a yard haunt. At his home in Malibu. The clicky link to see the pictures, video and read more about it is here at

And apparently, Dick instilled that love of Halloween decorating into his son Barry Van Dyke, as he had a yard haunt in Agoura Hills, CA. for many years.
The Van Dykes: Barry, Dick, Carey, Shane

In turn, Barry passed the addiction on to his son, Carey Van Dyke, who has a haunt at on  Evanwood Ave., Oak Park, CA. Changing themes each year, this actor and screenwriter who specializes in horror films  has done a zombie apocalypse haunt and a demented clown haunt, and borrows pieces from the movie studios. His latest venture is The Watching Hour, a screenplay which he co-wrote with his brother Shane about a home invasion with aliens. Carey has four children, so his love of Halloween may create a 4th generation of home haunters; we just have to give them time. Creating This Life is a blog by Carey's wife Anne revealing how hard they work to put on the haunt;.
a scene from Carey Van Dyke's home haunt
another scene at Carey Van Dyke's

Incidentally, Shane directed A Haunting in Salem, due out on DVD in August.
It was filmed up the street from my work, at the beautiful Mansion Adena at 341 Adena S, Pasadena:

which was built in 1886. It's very private now, with a tall hedge all around the wall you see in this old picture of it:

Dick Van Dyke recently became a first-time author at age 85 with his memoir, 'My Lucky Life In and Out of Show Business.’

I haven't read it yet, but in it he may discuss his 30-year relationship with Michelle Triola Marvin. You may remember her as being involved in the first palimony lawssuit, against actor Lee Marvin. Sadly, she died of lung cancer in Dick's home the day before Halloween in 2009.


  1. The magazine Fright Times recently had a cover story about Dick Van Dyke's passion for Halloween, but it failed to capture any real sense of the man's enjoyment of the holiday. It seemed a lot of name dropping was going on instead. Your link was a much better presentation, though admittedly the videos added to the overall sense of how much he gets out of it.


  2. Who knew? Fascinating! I've always loved Dick Van Dyke, right from when I was a little girl. And that's a scarily long time ago!

  3. I had no idea that Dick Van Dyke was such a Halloween fan! It's great that his love for the holiday has been passed down through the generations. That mansion is awesome too!

  4. I didn't have any idea that he loved Halloween so much!

  5. @GhoulishCop: Had no idea about the Fright Times article- I'll have to look for a copy. Hauntcast mentioned that Dick VanDyke was a haunter, and being a big fan I just HAD to look into it more. He's a fun guy who is also a great humanitarian. (Not to mention his physical comedy, esp. in Mary Poppins.)

  6. I've got a whole new appreciation for Dick Van Dyke, now!

  7. I'm a aussie and live in Australia and a huge Dick Van Dyke fan; I think he is amazing in everything he does!
    I am so far away down under it would be a dream to meet dick van dyke.

    Dick Van Dyke is awesome!!!!!

  8. @Anonymous: I agree, and am pleased to hear he has fans in Australia! I hope that more people realize what a treasure he is, while he is still with us.
    I'm very lucky to be living about a one-hour drive from where he lives, so I have a chance to catch some of his performances. I saw him at the Hollywood Bowl this summer and will be going to see him perform at a college theater in December as well. He performs with the Vantastix- here's a fun sample:

  9. i love you dick van dyke!


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