Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Living statues, part two: Weeping Angels

You don't have to be a Dr. Who fan to love this!

See, Weeping Angels are creatures that look innocent -often with their hands over their eyes, as if weeping- while you stare at them, but if you so much as blink, they turn into fanged savages that will suck the life out of you (just like my boss at work.) They first appeared in a memorable 2007 Dr. Who episode called "Blink". Here's a 5-minute clip. Happily, they were brought back for two episodes this April.

When I first saw this Weeping Angel costume made by a fan who wore it to a Sci-Fi convention, I was excited by how great this would be in a haunt. Then I read the tutorial with it's accompanying step by step photos and became ever so humbled. The creator strove to make every detail perfect, to the point where she glued gray-painted false toenails onto her gray socks- even though you never see them! She's got a Hula-Hoop for a hemline, for gosh sakes! She also sacrificed a clear field of vision, by looking through gray-painted plastic containers that come from gumball machines. After reading that, I decided I would just buy a 5" poseable Weeping Angel action figure off eBay instead. You know, to serve as inspiration. To make it someday.

Fast forward, and here's my friend Nina working on the wings for a Weeping Angel. For her own haunt.
No worries; Once she's in costume, I'll just kidnap her!


  1. Wow, those are great! Ever since I have watched that show I have wanted to make one of those statues for the yard.


  2. Hi,
    Do you still have those grey angel wings???? IF you do, would you consider selling them? I think they are AMAZING!!
    Please write me back!

  3. Janet, I mentioned your offer to Nina, but she didn't jump on it. Sorry.


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