Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Halloween Weathervanes

Might you like a witch or gargoyle on your rooftop? Try these weathervanes instead, they weigh less. Prices and sources appear below.

Witch $50 from mailboxixchange
Bats $64.95 from Windandweather
Jack o' Lantern $39.95 from Swen Weathervanes
Single Bat $239 from Weathervanes Only (my personal favorite, as it looks like the one on the Haunted Mansion in Florida. If only I could weld!)
Witch with moon $39.95 from Swen Weathervanes
Guarding gargoyle $150 from capecodweathervanes 
Gargoyle with arms around knees $1,795 from westcoastweathervanes


  1. Very nice. Been meaning to find one for the house...thanks for the links.


  2. The more I look at the bat one, the more and more and MORE I want it. And a cupola to put it on! The only problem is, my roof is really slanted, and there's not much of a peak to it. Darned 70's architecture! *sigh*


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