Thursday, October 28, 2010

Haunted Outdoor Speakers

Sure, rock-shaped speakers are great, but versatility reigns when you use this wireless Audiovox Acoustic outdoor speaker that is shaped like a coach lantern. With its handsome shape and standing about 16" tall, not only is it perfect for your Halloween haunt, it can be used year 'round, indoors and out. I can testify that the adjustable volume is loud enough for most yard haunts, even those with multiple layers of sound. It operates wirelessly, allowing you to place or hang the speaker anywhere you like- the sound goes through walls just fine, thank you! Outside, it can tolerate rain, but not for long periods (it's weather resistant, not weatherproof.)

You can use this speaker outside to listen to music while you garden, and your significant other can watch TV inside without hearing your music. You can even listen to TV outside if your TV/TiVo/BluRay/DVD player/cablebox arrangement has a headphone jack.

The controls on the back of the speaker allow you to select Left channel, Right channel or Mono, and there is a Bass boost as well as a volume control.  1 transmitter can operate multiple speakers, if you like.

It's easy to set up, too:  plug a small transmitter into the headphone jack of your audio source (computer, cd player/iPod/other- including those listed above re: televisions), and put the transmitter's other plug into an electrical outlet.  Then either put 6 AA batteries in the speaker and set it whereever you like, or use the included AC adapter and keep the speaker plugged into an electrical outlet.

The transmitter is shown with this speaker
 If you prefer Craftsman/Mission styling, this model in bronze is also available, and costs about $20 less.  We even found this one available in our local Lowe's hardware store- Yes, you can take one home tonight!

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