Thursday, March 24, 2011

Gothic Greenhouse Inspiration Photo...and a Skull Scarf

Just another day lounging in my conservatory whilst wearing my bustleskirt, contemplating colouring my hair the shade of one of the blooms on the floor.
 Seriously, NO, that is not me...I just wish it was. Then I'd be better able to see and identify that black-flowering plant that is creeping up the other side of the sofa.  The lovely pendulous datura blooms add a nice touch to this gothic scene, too.

Here I am, with a lovely new addition to my wardrobe--the skull-and-flower scarf made by Kara over at the WickedCrochet blog.
 Isn't it great? It's getting tons of compliments. I went out to lunch and practically the minute I hit the sidewalk a passerby said "I like your scarf!" Kara's blog has a link to her Etsy store, so you can check out her selection of wicked skull scarves and nasty doilies.


  1. Great scarf! I am a new follower of your neato blog.

  2. Awesome! I'm so excited that you like my scarf. Have fun wearing it and showing it off. :)

  3. That is a great scarf!! Wow, thanks for sharing.


  4. Amazing!! Very pretty scarf!!!

    --scarf rings lover

  5. I think that black plant over the arm of the sofa opposite to the person is purple kale.

  6. Purple kale? Maybe! Thanks for commenting.


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