Thursday, September 15, 2011

Skull Waterfall

We saw this skull waterfall on display at the Los Angeles County Fair, and it was instant love! The vendor is The Waterfall Company, based in La Puente, California.

An man standing nearby lends perspective as to the size of the skull
 The skull's eye sockets had recessed multicolor LEDs lighting up the water.
LED lights inside an eye socket
 There was also a mist-maker to create a fog effect and more multicolor LEDs inside the big basin.

 The signs on it indicate that the cost for Skull Falls is $2,999 installed and $500 down would lock in that price.

  Just think, you could have something like Skull Rock and the waterfalls in Disneyland's Fantasyland back until the rock's removal in 1982 during a major remodel of the area:

At night, it was lit from within with green lights, and green lights highlighted the foliage in the area.

A similar one now resides in Disneyland Paris with a less dramatic fall of water:

This is Skull Mountain, which has a massive skull waterfall at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey:
photo by Gary Burke

Try using a skull as part of a grotto near your pool:

 Click here to see a bit of how that last skull was made. 

I imagine a skull water feature would look just as good near a koi pond, too.


  1. OH! What marvelous pics! And to have a small enough skull fountain that I could buy and put in my garden? SO cool to know something like that exists! Thanks for a fantastic post. ;)

  2. Who wouldn't want that in their front yard?

  3. DO WANT!!! DO WANT NOW!!!!
    Seriously, that is about the coolest thing I have seen in ages!
    Hmmmmm, if I flew out there and picked it up, I wonder if I could fit it in my carry on...

  4. Full disclosure: Any water droplets that you may see in the photos are NOT from splashes; they are from my drooling over it. Good thing I didn't see it at night with the LEDs giving it the full effect or I would have had to lick it.

    I wish I knew who manufactures it, so you folks across the country and in Canada could get one from a local distributor for your yards- front, back or otherwise.


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