Monday, October 10, 2011


Whether you are a Harry potter fan or just think this bottle would make a good Halloween prop mixed in with lab equipment, test tubes and potions, there are a few hours left to obtain a Skele-Gro bottle just like mine.

back view
side view
A magnet helps secure the bottle top in place

In Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Harry breaks his arm while playing quidditch. One of his professors, an incompetent named Gilderoy Lockhart, tries to help Harry but ends up removing half of Harry's arm. Harry spends the night in the hospital and is given a dose of Skele-Gro potion from a bottle shaped like this one. Skele-Gro is a medicinal potion that can regrow missing/removed bones, though it tastes terrible and the process is very slow and extremely painful.

 This Skele-Gro bottle replica is available from Hotshot, a member of the Replica Prop Forum. He has hand-made a limited number of about 60 of these bottles from foam and clay, and is selling them for $80 each including shipping. This item is for display only; it is solid- not a real bottle- and therefore unable to hold liquids, but it does look great, from all sides! A separate base shaped like skeleton legs (not shown) keeps the top-heavy piece stable and the clay skull bottle-stopper attaches to the bottle magnetically.

A life-size Skele-Gro bottle is not available anywhere else that I have found, so this is indeed a rare opportunity to own one!

The bottle stands about 12.5" tall and is 4" wide.

You must be a member of Replica Prop Forum to purchase one, but registering for the forum is free. The link for this Skele-Gro bottle is here.


  1. Oh, the extra appendages you could grow with this! Yay!

  2. Amazing blog...I'm into Halloween and Horror movies too. Check out my blog and be a member!

    Kisses from Paris.

  3. Where can I buy one?

  4. Do you know if that person still sells these? The link doesn't work now.

  5. Sherry, as far as I know, these were done as a limited run in 2011, and I don't think Hotshot, the creator, ever made any more. You can try sending a message to him via his profile page, though, and ask:

  6. Thanks for your help!

  7. Unfortunately, I can't get anyone to answer me. If anyone knows of anyone who makes these that look as good as the one on the page please add a link or email addie. I am interested in buying one. Thanks.


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