Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Roaming Gnome

Roam-eo with my Kirby (RIP, Boo)

I never cared much for garden gnomes until the Roaming Gnome, the "spokesperson" for the travel agency came along. I usually TiVo past commercials, but Travelocity sponsors my favorite TV show, The Amazing Race, and their gnome is prominently featured in at least one Amazing Race stunt each season.
In the Travelocity ads, whether they are promoting snowskiing resorts or tropical cruises, the gnome never changes from his rigid pose in a blue jacket and red hat, but is usually additionally decked out with appropriate accessories like sunglasses and a lei or ski goggles and a knitted scarf. He is often seen in precarious situations as well.

The ads amused me, and I do like to travel, so when my brother surprised me one Christmas with my own copy of the Roaming Gnome, I got teary with laughter. I had no idea the Roaming Gnome was available for sale! (Get yours here) Turns out my brother bought himself one, too, claiming that gnomes are very popular where he lives in Rochester, Washington, and often sell out at stores.

Soon after, I was to go on vacation. I decided to send my brother photos of my Roaming Gnome, Roam-eo, on vacation. I took a full-frame photo of Roam-eo
had it blown up onto cardstock on a color-copier machine, cut it out, laminated it and glued something like a ruler to the back to make a handle.

Here's my gnome, roaming out of the garden and into the world:
Pompeii, Italy
Stonehenge, England
Cruise ship safety drill
Outside the Louvre -Paris, France
With me at the Arc de Triomphe -Paris, France

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