Thursday, August 12, 2010

Spider on the lawn

I took these pictures in 2008 of a HUGE spider sculpture in a park (Jardin de Tuileries) in Paris. The other day, I decided to research it. Found out that it was made by Frenchwoman Louise Bourgeois, and she died recently, on May 31 of this year. Strangely, she named the sculpture "Maman", which is French for mommy. See, apparently it alludes to the strength of Bourgeois' mother, with metaphors of spinning, weaving, nurture and protection. I didn't notice this part, but the spider's sac contains marble eggs, so she is indeed a maman. Personally, I think "Maman!" is probably what every kid who visits the area is whimpering as they recoil in terror from the sight of a 30-foot black arachnid in their local playground.

There are a total of 8 copies of the sculpture placed around the world, from Tokyo to Havana. Here is one in Spain that really shows the scale:

Since the sculptor was French, it strikes me as sad that the one I found in Paris is no longer there, as that was considered a temporary installation. Spidey was moved on to terrorize a different city somewhere on the planet.


  1. Just as long as it does not come to Oregon!!! :D

    Cool piece. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I like spiders that pictures :D


  2. @TheFrogQueen Oh, I heard an army of them was already on their way to surround your house...and hold you captive. Should be arriving for your SpiderFest, or was that SpiderFeast? Maman's gotta feed her babies, don't you know ;)


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