Friday, January 14, 2011

Stephen King's Gate

Now here are some gates that speak volumes (pun intended) about the property owner. Horror author Stephen King's gates at his home in Bangor, Maine are a delight, with spiders and webs and creepy toppers of flying bat-gargoyle-dragon beings.
King and the appropriately-named Terry Steel of Steel Forge collaborated on the design, and back in 1982, Steel produced the iron gates and 270-foot long fence that surrounds the property. As artfully foreboding as the gates may seem, they aren't just decorative, as Stephen King has had his share of stalkers and intruders- why, I'm thisclose to being one myself. And of course, especially on Halloween, people want to visit. Stephen King and his wife Tabitha (that name Bewitches me, too) usually take out an ad in the local paper to let the town know they won't be available to trick-or-treaters that night (okay everyone, let's pout collectively.)

photo: SirFin

  One morning late last September, a 25-year old woman with a normal name drove her Dodge Neon into them, mangling a spider and ripping its legs off. She claimed she was trying to avoid (dodge?) another car that was in her lane (story here). Although that other car took off, I believe her- I'd be distracted by the gates too, and be likely to cross the lane divider. But far, far more likely, I'd park and take a gazillion photos from every angle and possibly even take measurements that would ultimately serve me no good. The story of the repair work, done by a fan of the author, is found here. Estimated cost of repair? $100,000. But that includes the faux-painting to make to make the new parts look as old and weathered as the rest. Wait, I have experience aging things! I'm sure he just didn't have my number.
 Stephen King lives at 47 West Broadway, Bangor, Maine. It's a nice red Italianate house, originally built in 1856. It boasts 23 rooms and an indoor swimming pool. It's on the bus tour of Stephen King-related sights, but the bus does not stop there, it just drives past.
Here is a blog about a fan's visit to the area, with a few more pictures, including this shot of the new "office space" Mr. King is adding right next door:
photo: Jamie Cole
Can't wait to see the gates for that one.


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