Friday, February 4, 2011

Killhouettes for your Valentine

Need a meaningful Valentine for that very special person in your life? Show them how much you care by sending one of these 5"x7" Killouettes by artist John Fair. With 27 macabre Victorian silhouettes to choose from, you will find at least one to be dead on target for your needs. With designs ranging from death by beheading, death by poison, death by hanging, death by: choking, blunt force trauma, dragging, gunshot, burning at the stake, etc., etc. it'll seem there's a million ways to leave your lover.  Each item in the collection is beautifully rendered, and costs only $5 with $2 shipping.

View the collection here:

Tell them Midnight in The Garden of Evil sent you. And remember: you always hurt the one you love.


  1. I own three of these and they are FANTASTIC! Also a wonderful seller.

  2. Killhouettes are indeed fantastic! I have five of them and have also given them as gift--they are always a big hit. So clever!

  3. Yes, and as well as being addictingly clever and amusing, they are a great value. I certainly applaud the creator for pricing at a level that encourages multiple purchases. Seems like a win-win.

  4. Hello, I'm John Fair (the creator of Killhouettes) and I would like to thank Midnight in The Garden of Evil (as well as the people who have commented on here) for the kind words posted about Killhouettes!

  5. I am so in love with these. Absolutely beautiful!

  6. Love this blog, and Mr. Fair's creations!


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