Monday, May 2, 2011

The Amazing Race for Osama Bin Laden's cake

I'm in a Vyxsin and Kent sandwich
I've been on vacation the past few weeks, on a cruise with stops in Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, and Columbia. We had an interior cabin, which meant no windows, but the cost savings allowed us to also spend a few days in Florida, visiting the Kennedy Space Center just days before the original scheduled Endeavor launch, and another day sampling a Butterbeer at The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter at Universal Studios. A great vacation and worth every sacrifice to make it happen.

But apparently, while I was gone, news-worthy events occured.

Starting with the least important: The TV show "The Amazing Race". I love that show. Watching other people overcome travel difficulties is just as educational as watching the scenery and the game's tasks. This season, the show has been overly commercial with it's Snapple product placement, but the most disappointing thing was watching the fun couple of Kent (formerly Kynt) and Vyxsin become not-so-fun, and bickering quite a lot. A lot.

I met them once. They were both sweet and friendly. Kent's a smart guy, and Vyxsin has a killer figure and perfect manners. The write a column for Gothic Beauty magazine, and I wish them well.

Vyxsin on Bat's Day at Disneyland

Kent and Vyxsin pose with a fan at Disneyland
 Of course, there has been other big news today...
I would love to personally say "Thank you!" to those soldiers who took part in the operation to eliminate Osama Bin Laden. I'm glad they did not bring him in alive. No need to waste time or tax money bringing that piece of filth to justice.

Here is Osama Bin Lantern, a jack o' lantern created by Tom Nardone. I think he can make the eyes X-shaped now.
And did I miss the royal wedding of Will and Kate? I saw some of it through the magic of TiVo. Fergie's daughter Beatrice wore that ridiculous hat. I thought it looked like an octopus. Comedian Joy Behar said it looked like an IUD. It doesn't look any better on Osama, either.

I think the most important part of any wedding is the cake.  Here is the royal wedding cake.

You know what I think it was missing? A good cake topper. One like this:

Oh, don't be stodgy. It's just for laughs. Sheesh, everyone gets all protective about Wills and Kate. But this is a seriously good cake topper. It's meant for divorce cakes (a good idea in itself) but it looks good just as a desk ornament, so I bought one. Get yours here.

Speaking of getting new things, I won a prize last month, over on Gothic Gourd Girl's blog. It's an oversized postcard, with an image straight from a tombstone. Very nice and frameable. I liked the Canadian stamps on the envelope too. Anyhow, the company makes tee-shirts and other arcticles using art from tombstones. They call themselves Gravestone Artwear. And be sure to check out Gothic Gourd Girl's blog- Gothic Gourds and Florals. She's making things to pay for her medical bills. She let her old blog die after I won and has re-started it, so I'm sure that it will have some cool stuff soon.
Ok, I'm off to go design a logo for my Halloween haunt. Will post it when finished.

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