Wednesday, June 8, 2011


One day in April, our haunt club meeting was suddenly interrupted by a siren which seemed very nearby, and we went to the street to investigate. Turns out we had a surprise visit by the Inland Empire Ghostbusters. 

 Their car was tricked out and even had a license plate that said "Ecto".
And they wore lots of Ghostbuster gear

The posed for pictures with members of our club
. Here's the front and back of their business card.

Their club makes appearances for charities.They explained that there are Ghostbusters clubs just like theirs all over the U.S. and even a Ghostbusters podcast. To find the organization nearest you, check out or


  1. How cool is this! They even have a custom car. I know someone who has a ghostbusters costume and even designed his own custom proton pack. He outta join these guys!

  2. too bad three of them are in trouble. Two of them big trouble.


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