Friday, June 3, 2011

Skeleton Weather Vane - For Sale

Every one wants one.

It's a replica of the skeleton weather vane that author and illustrator Edward Gorey (1925-2000) commissioned for the barn of his new home. It was installed on the barn before Edward moved in, but it was soon stolen. He had a replacement constructed, but decided not to install it.

Since his death in 2000, the skeleton weather vane replacement was put on display in Gorey's home, which is now the Edward Gorey House, a museum dedicated to the author in Yarmouth Port, MA.

In 2006, steel sculptor Steven Swain from Centerville, MA., offered to replicate the skeleton weather vane for an auction benefitting the Edward Gorey Charitable Trust, a fund dedicated to the welfare of animals, and the Edward Gorey House.

I contacted Mr. Swain, and here is what I found out: he can make a skeleton weather vane for you, too! They are made to order by Mr. Swain, but you must purchase it through the Edward Gorey House.

According to Edward Gorey House director/curator Rick Jones, "the cost is $650.00, which includes the weathervane, base and an embossed print of the original illustration by Gorey.  These prints are Roman Numerals, and aren't available without purchasing the weathervane, adding to their value (lettered and numbered editions are separate). Shipping and insurance runs about $75.00.
Please give us a call or send an email.  We'd be happy to answer any questions you might have."
The print is 11" by 14"

Here is the contact information:
Rick Jones
Edward Gorey House director/curator
Telephone (508) 362-3909

Edward Gorey House
8 Strawberry Lane
Yarmouth Port, MA  02675


  1. If I had a need for a weather vane, that's pretty darn cool!

    I'd love to visit the Edward Gorey House. Have you been there?

  2. Not yet! And I feel guilty about it too. My mom is from Cochituate, MA. and yet I have never been "back east" (as my mom calls it.) I've been to 48 countries but only about 10 states. I need to fix that (well, after I hit 50 countries, let's say!)
    On the plus side, I created a custom Google Map of spooky places, and it's on there. The map is really helpful; anytime I travel I check it to see which places I can make a side trip to visit. So someday...

  3. Too rick for my blood, but neat nonetheless.

  4. You've been to 48 countries? That's awesome! A google map of spooky places? Is there any way you can share that? I didn't know that it's possible to create custom google maps.

  5. @Justine: Yes, you can create a map by clicking on "My Maps" in the upper left area of GoogleMaps, and then click on "Create new map".

    I had my spooky places mixed in with places that are only open on or around Halloween (Knott's Scary Farm and many home haunts, for example), so I spun off the spooky places on to their own map and it is now being shared. See today's blog post for the link. Thanks for the suggestion!

    1. How do I get to blog Post? I'm a bit of a philistine :(

  6. Cool! I just saw that map and I'll be sure to check it out. What a neat idea! I feel inspired to make my own spooky map now. :)

  7. Edward Gorey was a genius! Love him and his work.

  8. It looks good. It's cute with a small touch of morbid. It can be a cool ornament on the roof during Halloween, though the skeleton would not be out of place for the rest of the year.


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